Press and Radio Quotes

No matter how Brenken played around the original material, varied it or improvised over it, it was enchanting.

Christoph Giese, Buersche Zeitung

This music rewards repeated listening with the discovery of many new facets. Highly recommended!

Hans-Bernd Kittlaus, Jazz Podium

Brenken effortlessly takes it up with great pianists like Oscar Peterson, without copying their styles. Outrageously good!

Nina Schröder, Blue Night Club, das Radio, Bochum

"Raus ausm Bett" (Get Outta Bed), "Durch den Regen fahren" (Riding Though the Rain), "Erbse im Holzhaufen" (Pea in a Wood Pile) - these are typical titles of compositions by contemporary German jazz musicians. But when they characterize the atmosphere of the music in such an appropriate way, there's only one option left: smile, feel comfortable and let yourself go.

Claus Kohlmann, Trend

As unusual as Brenken's body language are his musical short stories – stories that characterize him as a most enjoyable author.

Klaus-Peter Heß, Münstersche Zeitung

fabulous piano magic

Sven Thielmann, WAZ

surprising developments and turning points – even after listening for a long time

Stefan Pieper, JazzZeitung

un jazz d’une autre dimension

Jean-Georges Prince, L’Orient – Le Jour

honest jazz, rooted in the tradition without quoting it unconsidered (…) an exciting musical journey that offers quite a few discoveries

Stefan Herkenrath, Westfälische Nachrichten


Marc Brenken | Jazzpianist & Komponist